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You will need to bring the following documents to the event:

  1. Completed entry form  - use this form    PRINTABLE ENTRY FORM
  2. Competition licences for driver and co-driver (MSA or CSW).  CSW Annual and Day licences can be purchased at the event.  An annual licence costs 15 and a day licence costs 5.  Competition licences are required for both driver and co-driver.
  3. Your and your co-drivers current membership numbers.  You can join on the day but we prefer that you join online.  Click the ‘membership’ link above to join online.  One day memberships are available on the day for 10 per person.



We now require competitors to register and sign on BEFORE unloading their competition vehicle.  By doing this, the entire site becomes a competition area and you will be covered under our insurance as a competitor for third party liability.

Challenge South West will organise a one and a half day Challenge event starting at midday on Sat 9th and finishing at about 4pm on Sunday 10th May 2015 at Newmill Farm, Uplowman, Devon (OS ref ST 029166, Lat/Long N 50.5027 W 3.2257 postcode EX16 7EZ)

The meeting and scrutineering point will be at the site.

The event will be the ‘Newmill Farm Challenge’.

The Clerk of the Course will be Chris Bolt at Morrells Farm, Huntsham, Tiverton, EX16 7PG Tel 01398 361440 Mobile 07725 026872 email

The Competition Secretary of the Meeting is Rick Tarr at Wood Park, East Down,  Barnstaple, Devon EX31 4LZ.  Tel 01271 850431 mob 07831 262827 email

All calls after 0900 and before 21:30 please.

Scrutineering will be available from 1200 on Saturday 9th May at the site.  Drivers briefing will take place at 1345 and the start will be at 15.00.  The start time may be moved forward depending on conditions.  Finish time on Sunday is expected to be 16.00 hours.    

The event will comprise orienteering to find punches set out around the site (punch card attached to vehicle) with winch self recovery as required and two compulsory untimed special sections to make the event more interesting should the land not lend itself to the required difficulty.

Start positions will be allocated by the Clerk of the Course on the day.  There are no requirements for practice but the entrant should make the Clerk of the Course aware if they consider themselves to be novice drivers.

The minimum number of competitors is five and the maximum is twenty five.  Entries will be opened on publication of these regulations and closed on the day of the event.  If insufficient entries have been received by the close of pre-entry the organisers reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event.

The entry fee will be 80 per vehicle and a competition licence (IOPD or MSA) will be required for both Driver and Crew.  Day Membership for drivers and crew will be available for a fee of 10 per person. Any entries may be refused at the absolute discretion of the Clerk of the Course. IOPD completion licences may be purchased on line or on the day (15/year or 5/event) and will be issued on the day of the event.

Competitors may pre-enter the event or pay on the day but must fill in an entry form.  Whether you pre-enter or not, we ask that all competitors download and print their paper entry forms prior to the event – this will save time filling them out on the day.  


A1.0    Event Details

This Event is held under the rules and regulations of Challenge South West.  Club membership and competition licences will be inspected and must be valid when signing on for the event.

Portal axles will be permitted for this event (this does not mean all events will permit their use and drivers should check before entering). Any drivers of vehicles with portal axles found to be spinning their wheels in a un-sportsman like fashion with the sole purpose of digging deep ruts will be asked to leave.

A2.0    Event Cancellation

Challenge South West will make every endeavour not to cancel all or any part of the event. If, however, an event must be cancelled officials and pre-booked drivers will be advised by phone or e-mail, details posted on-line where possible and a sign erected at the site entrance for other entrants.

A3.0    Eligibility

All drivers and their co-drivers must be members of Challenge South West – either full or day members.  All drivers must hold a full driving licence.

A4.0    Entry & Signing On

Entries must be submitted prior to the event. Signing on for all events will run concurrent to scrutineering.

A5.0    Scrutineering

All scrutineering will take place in the designated area of the site during the times described in the event specific supplementary regulations.

A6.0   Maintenance & Re-fuelling

All maintenance is to be undertaken over sheeting and using oil absorbent pads (available at scrutineering) to protect the ground from contamination by vehicle fluids and the like, and to ensure that no debris from vehicles is left on the ground. All re-fuelling is to be undertaken in the designated area.

 A7.0   Miscellaneous

The event will be run in accordance with the regulations published in the Challenge South West rules and regulations applicable to this event, available for viewing and download on the club website.  Click here to find them.

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