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Ladies and Gentlemen of the CSW extended family,

As you are by now most likely already aware the next AGM will see a number of significant changes within the club; most notably the standing down of long standing club Chairman Chris Pedlar. I am sure we would all like to extend our thanks to him for the tireless hours he has put in at the helm of the club- I think we can all agree without his years of calm and careful direction the club would not be where we are today. CSW are widely recognised as taking the lead in well run, fully legal and importantly safe and very sociable off-roading events: A significant amount of this recognition is directly accountable to Chris. Likewise the AGM will also see the ‘stepping back’ of Rick Tarr as club treasurer and accountant. It is safe to say that without his considered and methodical approach to the clubs finances, over the significant number of years he has spent putting in countless hours behind the scenes, we would not be in the financially comfortable position we find ourselves in today. For that I am sure we all extend him our most grateful thanks. The AGM will also see Ian Hawes also taking a step beck from his current role as Overall Event Coordinator; he has also spent tireless hours organising events and shows (not least this years very successful De-Cider trophy- which it is safe to say simply would not have happened without his sheer hard work!). I would yet again like to thank him on behalf of the club.

These losses will clearly have a significant impact on the club and without others stepping up to take on their respective responsibilities then it is clear that the club will have little choice but to fold; a prospect that I am confident that no- one wishes to see.

If the club is to remain afloat then people will be required to take on the following roles:

1. Club President: A public figurehead of the club- whilst not directly involved in the day to day running of the club, or events, always there to offer advice and support. Nominee(s): Chris Pedlar.

2. Club Directors (3): Required to maintain the Ltd status of the club and act as signatories on the club accounts. Rick Tarr and Frank Buddle have all kindly agreed to retain their roles, so one additional director is sought. Nominee: ?

3. Club Chairman: The chair of club meetings, and holds the deciding vote in the event of a tied vote. Nominee(s): Si Parsons.

4. H&S Lead: Responsible for maintaining club risk assessments, policies, and ensuring safety standards across all club events. Chris Pedlar has kindly agreed to tutor the newly appointed person; preferably someone with previous experience of risk assessments. Nominee(s): ?

5. Juvenile Safeguarding Lead: Responsible for safeguarding of all juvenile members of the club and all young persons attending club events. Preferably someone already DBS checked and familiar with Juvenile Safeguarding protocols. Nominee(s): ?

6. Insurance Liaison: Responsible for liaison with the club insurance broker in relation to all proposed changes to club rules, policy renewals and any additional events/ activities proposed. Rick Tarr has kindly agreed to tutor the newly appointed person. Nominee(s): ?

7. IOPD Liaison: Responsible for liaison with the IOPD in relation to all proposed changes to club rules, policy renewals and any additional events/ activities proposed. Also responsible for ensuring that all IOPD accreditations in relation to fire marshals, first aiders, scrutineers etc are maintained. Chris Pedlar has kindly agreed to tutor the newly appointed person. Nominee(s): ?

8. Club Treasurer and Bookkeeper: To maintain the club books and accounts throughout the year, and to bank all event monies. Rick Tarr has kindly agreed to tutor the newly appointed person. Nominee(s): Wayne Martin

9. Club Accountant: To file yearly accounts with companies house; Rick Tarr has kindly to agreed to maintain this role.

10. Event Admin: To securely retain and file all event paperwork sent to them at the conclusion of all events. Nominee(s): ?

11. Event Coordinator: To act as an advisor to club members running individual events to ensure that all tasks required are completed. Nominee(s): Frank Buddle.

12. Rules and Regulations Coordinator: Responsible for the maintenance, drafting and interpretation of club rules and regulations: Nominee(s): Si Parsons

13. Chief Scrutineer: To coordinate all scrutineering activities and guidance. Nominee(s): Andy Stone-Wright

14. Chief Marshal: To coordinate all marshalling activities and guidance. Nominee(s): Si Parsons

15. Club Calendar Coordinator: To give direction in relation to the clubs event calendar with a view to preventing clashes with other relevant events. Nominee(s): Frank Buddle.

16. Website Coordinator: To update and maintain the club and Decider websites. Nominee(s): Ian Hawes, Andy Stone-Wright.

17. Social Media Coordinator: To coordinate all club social media postings to ensure a corporate approach to event advertising. Nominee(s): Chris Hart.

18. Paramedic Coordinator: To control all bookings of paramedics required for all events. NO other person should be contacting paramedics direct please. Nominee(s): Frank Buddle.

19. Club Merchandising Coordinator: To coordinate all ordering and payment of club merchandise: Nominee(s): Hayley Jones

20. Show Coordinator: To coordinate the clubs attendance at shows; which will include liaison with show organisers, attendees from within the club, ensuring all display kit required by the club to transported to and from the show etc. Nominee(s): ?

21. Decider Coordinator: To coordinate the Decider Trophy. Nominee(s): Ian Hawes

22. Decider Scoring: To coordinate Decider Trophy scoring. Nominee(s): Rick Tarr.

If anyone wishes to nominate themselves for any of the roles then please do so prior to the AGM; should anyone want to know more about any of the roles before volunteering them please contact one of the committee to discuss. In the event of more than one volunteer they may choose to share the role, or indeed the position can be voted upon.

In order for the club to remain financially viable it has been established that it needs to run a minimum of two events per year; those proposed are the De-Cider Trophy and attendance at the Billing Landrover Show. The income it is possible to generate from these two events provides the club with enough income to run the two events, and to pay for the IPOD and Club insurance for the year; clearly more events would be preferable but these will only happen if club members take on to run individual events in FULL- this will include providing full details of the event (format, date and location) to our Social Media Coordinator, arranging land and payment to the landowner for the event, coordinating entries and entry payments for the event, coordination of club kit required to run the event, setting up the event, ensuring provision of a scrutineer/ marshals/ fire marshal etc, fully completing all IPOD event paperwork and club membership paperwork, running the event, clearing up from the event and returning all club kit for storage, returning all completed paperwork to Event Admin for filing, ensuring all monies are returned to the Treasurer etc- unfortunately for too long a significant amount of these tasks have been left to a very few members to complete event after event and this is not sustainable. Clearly it would be preferable for small groups of members to get together to take on setting up and running individual events. It would be helpful for such groups to come to the AGM with an idea of which event(s) (where and when etc) they would like to run.

In relation to any changes to the club rules and regulations that anyone wishes to propose, please do so well in advance of the AGM. This is to ensure that we have time to approach the IOPD and/or the club insurance company to confirm that such changes would be accepted prior to any vote(s) taking place; regardless of how popular a change is it may well be that it won’t be accepted by either the IOPD or indeed our insurers.

The CSW committee looks forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the AGM.

Here also is a downloadable version of the above letter DOWNLOAD